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Raid Loot


Looting Policy

Loot Distribution

* Machin Shin uses an open bid DKP auction system. Bids are done via guild chat which is to remain clear while bidding is happening.  Additionally bids will be done in /rs to expedite loot.

Getting Points

* To be eligible to receive points and attendance for an event, it must be an official raid. You must be present and not AFK for the entire event, or, if added partway through an event, you must be present and not AFK for at least 50% of the event. The only exception to this rule is if the leadership adds someone to a non-full raid, before the end of the event, and said person added is in zone to take part before the victory. To receive points and attendance from list, you must not be afk when it is time to rotate in classes.

Until an event has been won, every attempt earns points and attendance. After an event has been defeated (farm), wipes or resets under 5 minutes duration will not be counted.

Pending Points

* While the points page is updated in real time usually, occasionally we can get behind. When that happens the following applies: Points that have yet to be added to the point list ARE NOT counted. However, Items Purchased but not yet recorded ARE counted. To reiterate:


* If either your points are negative (making you ineligible) OR you bid at the inappropriate level (FM > 70% when your attendance is 69%), you will receive a WARNING, repeated offenses will be taken as failure to follow raid instructions/policies and will land you with fines/performance review. It is YOUR responsibility to know your current points/attendance. The officer team works hard to keep them updated in real-time.

Eligibility for Bidding

* In order to bid for an item from a specific event, you must have been in the raid and active for at least 50% of the event. If in list, you must not be afk during the fight. Those in raid who go link-dead and miss 50% of the event or more may still bid on items from that event.

* On the applicant's first raid cycle they will be restricted from looting at applicant status unless the item is at ROT level.

* Applicant's cannot bid for their alts during the application period unless they are fully current expansion raid geared.

* In the event your applicant status is extended related to dps/cast log/healing or tanking parses or general performance, you will fall under performance review and not be entitled to loot unless it is at ROT status.

* There will be no need to post in performance review related to this change as it affects only applicants and we already have a private thread for that.

* To bid for your Raid Alt or Alts your main must have 17/21 pieces of gear in the current expansion's raid gear.  Exceptions are BiS from a previous expansion ie chase TBM face, or invested items.  Those items would count as part of the 17/21 requirement.

* To bid for your Raid Alt or Alt, your attendance must be above the attendance to bid.

* During deep farm season, we reserve the right to reduce the required attendance to bid to 60%.  This allows us to continue to clear the expansion but also allows people the opportunity to spend time outside for summer or with family, rather than risk retirement.

Bid Etiquette

* Do not talk in the guild chat channel or raid say during bids unless you are bidding. If you have something to say, say it in ANY other channel. Parses...we're looking at you!

* Do not interfere with another person's bid, unless it's clearly in error, including in chat or in tells. Harassing someone about their bid is also not allowed and will result in a fine/drama policy.

* Be Ready to Loot. You may not bid for an alternate character or a friend in a situation that would slow down the raid considerably. If someone takes too long the item will be looted and destroyed and you may still be charged at the discretion of Leadership.

Bidding Process

* The order of priority for bidding is: Mains with over 70% 30-day attendance > Mains with under 70% 30-day attendance > Applicants/Returning Retired Members > Raid Alternate Characters > Alternate Characters (must be level 110) > Rot/Bidding to sell back to vendor/FnF/Alternate Characters under level 110, Un-guilded Characters.

* Bidding will primarily start with a bid of "Minimum" (though you can start higher) and then increase from there based on pre-defined Bid Increments.

*Tradeskill Items

*Items like the Flawless Conflagrant Diamonds for raid Tradeskill gear are bid off like all other loot. FM > 70, FM < 70, App, Raid Alt, Alt, Rot.
For Mains: The guild will make the combine kit for you.
For Alts: You will need to make your own kit or ask someone in the guild to loot a diamond to make you a kit. Either way, both diamonds are bid at the ALT level. If you are caught bidding @ main to make a kit for your alt rather than waiting for the appropriate bid level, you'll be FINED HEAVILY.

Note: During farm periods to expedite bidding, after most Mains do not want an item and the item(s) from that raid or tier stop getting actively bid on, the bidding order will become Applicants/Returning Retired > Raid Alts > Alts > Rot/FNF. In the event a full member DOES want to bid on an item that had the Full Member bidding phases skipped, they get precedence over any applicant bidding. (Meaning they bid at min and no applicant can challenge this bid only another full member can bid against them).

Minimum Bids

* A Minimum Bid is the amount you are charged for winning an uncontested item. This value is pre-determined for all items that drop from specific targets, (ie normal items), as well as cultural drops. Items that are not from specific raid targets will always have a minimum bid of 1 (ie runes, quest drops).

Current Minimum Bid Chart and Exceptions

Main's min bids:

Min bid on items/augments will move to 5000 MSP with raising increment of 1000 MSP.

Alt's min bids:

Min bid on items/augments will move to 2500 MSP with raising increments of 1000 MSP.

Old Content:

Min bid on items 1000 MSP with raising increments of 100 MSP.

* In the case that no one with enough MSP to bid on an item is willing to bid, those with less than the minimum cost will be allowed to bid and go into negatives without penalty at "min" cost. * In the case of more than one bidder, the bidder with the highest msp will be awarded the item at "min" cost. (This may apply to apps, who may not initially have enough MSP to bid on an item going to apps.) You are not allowed to go negative even at "min" cost bidding on loot for anyone but your main (Alts or Friends). or points/attendance/loot, or doing the same to theirs, will result in immediate termination of your application. The same applies to Full Members.

Multiple Items

* If two identical items drop, the winners will be the two highest bids. In the case of two identical bids and one higher, the first to bid the lower number and the higher number are the winners.

Flagging Related Drops

* Drops related to zone flagging that drop during raids will be handled by guild leadership, based PRIMARILY on 30 day raid attendance percentage among those who attended the raid. Only if no mains (including apps) can be found needing the flagging item will alts even be considered, and even then alts who are actively boxed on raids may receive preferential treatment based on guild need.

* There is no limit to the number of items you can win each raid outside of your current points.

Retracting Bids

* If you retract a winning bid that forces the item to be rebid you may be at the discretion of the guild leader/raid leader/loot caller. There is no penalty for retracting a bid still in progress.


* Overbids are not allowed. You may only bid up to your current MSP. Any overbids during the auction will immediately be retracted, and the over-bidder warned. Ignoring over-bidding policy may lead to a temporary removal of bidding rights. If an item is looted with an overbid, the person overbidding will be subject to a fine of two (2) times the amount they overbid by. The ONLY exception to this rule is if no one else is bidding on an item and you are able to win it for minimum. This particularly applies to applicants, who may not have the required MSP.

Trash Drops

* All platinum, gems, ornaments, cash loot, and tradeskill items that drop during raids should be turned in to the guild bank or officers. Anyone caught looting platinum, gems, tradeskill items, or cash loot and not turning it in will be permanently banned from looting those items on raids.

Zero Points Policy

* The day a person makes full member they will keep any positive points they have amassed during there app process. If their point total is negative we zero their total the day their app ends. Points spent on alts by applicants will not be wiped. The purpose of the point wipe is to encourage applicants to bid/gear quickly while gear is going to Alt without the applicant becoming so negative that they will not be competitive until next expansion. It was never intended to be a way for applicants to gear their Alts for free while FMs pay.

Wrong Item Looting

* Any item that has been bid off and awarded to one member and is looted by another member on accident, will carry a fine of twice the value for the person who looted it. This is a change in policy and is required because GMs no longer entertain fixing looting issues with raids.


* During progression priority will be given to people who have 100% raid attendance for new spells. Once determined by leadership, spells will go to free for all. Spells for alternate characters are allowed but WILL NOT slow down the raid. If it is found that ALT looting of spells is slowing the raid, they will be looted by the loot master and destroyed.

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