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Raid Policy

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Raid times

Our normal raid times are Sunday 5:45 EST - 9:00 PM EST and Monday 6:45 PM EST - 9:00 PM EST

* Some days we raid Monday and Tuesday at 6:45 PM EST - 9:00 PM EST in the event a holiday arises.

* During beta and progression we make every effort to raid as much as possible. This includes raiding lockout to lockout which could vary in times and days.

* Be Ready to Raid on Time. Be ready to raid at least 15 minutes prior to scheduled on time. Do not start a task just prior to raids, even if you think you can finish it before raids start.

* Post in the away posts section of the forums or send a text/call before you miss a raid. Real Life happens, we understand, but there is almost always time let someone know about it first. Repeated failure to post or notify leadership in some way that you will be absent will result in warnings and fines. This does not apply to real life emergencies such as hospitalizations, deaths in the family or sudden deployments. The timeframe for emergency notification is up to 72 hours after the missed raids. This applies to scheduled away time such as work, school and vacations.

1st Offense - Warning
2nd Offense - 5K MSP
3rd Offense - 10K MSP
4th Offense - Required to be Listed next raid day/no loot rights/no attendance/no points

Note: If you reach 4rd Offense and decide, “I’m not doing that”, prepare to reach immediate retirement or de-guilding at leadership discretion. This policy is being enacted because of repeated AFKs from game without notice.

* Be Ready to Move. Guild banners are great, but they require 12 people to run there first. That means you. No one is too good not to move to the next event to plant the banner.

* Be Up to Date. Level 105 is required to raid. AA is required to raid, the amount and distribution that is required varies depending on class. Having the current expansion and the necessary flags are required to raid. If you do not meet the requirements to raid, you do not meet the requirements to list and receive credit.

* Don't Train the Raid. Training happens, but should not happen often. If you find that your invisibility has dropped and that mobs are chasing you, you will be best off dying. That being said, if you train, the following apply at the Raid Leader's discretion:

-Training without killing anyone: Warning and possible fine if it happens repeatedly.
-Training and killing anyone, MS or not: - 10K MSP
-Training and wiping the raid: - 50K MSP

* Don't Try to Fake it. Having someone else play your character and pretend to be you for points/attendance/loot, or doing the same for others, will result in immediate termination of your application or loss of looting rights for a full member.

* Don't Ninja AFK. We won’t stop the bus because you fell off. If your house is on fire, call Emergency Services and run outside. If you need to use the bathroom, change a baby, make dinner, etc. inform the leadership or speak up in /gu or notify an officer or your group first.

* During raids, there will be AFK checks prior to engage. Failure to move during an AFK check will result in leadership calling your name in teamspeak. If you haven’t notified leadership that you are taking a brief AFK and do not respond, you will be removed from the raid/instance and forfeit the last targets attendance/points. The same applies if you aren’t in the zone during an AFK check.


Failure to inform the leadership or /gu before going AFK will result in:

1. A warning via Teamspeak by calling your name
2. Loss of the event's MSP/attendance as well as the previous target and will be listed
3. Loss of the day's MSP/attendance and/or Loss of bidding rights
4. Retirement/Deguilding (in extreme cases)

Emote Failure

Emotes are a part of raiding. Channeling through an emote, failure to move to the correctly designated area, or repeatedly dying to raid emotes will result in fines and or listing without points / attendance if it jeopardizes our ability to defeat the target. Leadership provides GINA triggers and we utilize teamspeak to call emotes. Applicants in their first raid cycle are exempt from this policy as they are learning to raid with us. Some events will require Simon Says - like emote checking before engage. Repeated failure during these times will be handled like failing an emote during the actual event. Special circumstances arise and will NOT be fined and are understood by leadership, i.e. double emote calls.

1st Offense: Warning
2nd Offfense: -5K MSP
3rd Offense: -5K MSP and player to list
4th Offense: -10K MSP and player to list

Teamspeak Code of Conduct

* Teamspeak is required and free to join, the language and content is NSFW or minors.

* Before raids there are no restrictions on chatting in Teamspeak.

* During raids between events there are no restriction on chatting in Teamspeak. The only thing we ask it that you show each other respect while we are between events. What I mean is simple, if someone is speaking don't interrupt them. Wait for them to finish before you start talking please.

* Mid-event during raids there are restrictions on speaking. We need everyone to be brief when speaking. If you die we don't need a 20 to 30 word explanation during the fight. If you die say your name and the word down. If someone else dies and you believe that we need to know right away then say their name and the word down. If you see something that you are "positive" is going to wipe the raid speak up quickly, but when you do speak up make sure your right and make sure your statement is brief. Mid-event is not a time for debate. If you have issues you wish to discuss during the fight is not the right time to discuss them. If you feel your issues are too important to wait send a tell to leadership. Mid-event is not the time to chat about things that are not directly related to the event we are doing.

* After the raids are finished for the night there are no restrictions on chatting in Teamspeak.

* If a player becomes too much of a disruption they will be told to stop. Failure to stop is failure to follow raid instruction. Failure to follow raid instruction will land you on performance review. Arguing about being asked to stop will land you in our drama policy. Our goal isn't to shut people up. Our goal is to have less chatter disrupting the raid leadership from disseminating information the raid needs and beat events quickly.

Reading and Understanding the Guild Policies

* Upon being tagged and/or upon accepting your first raid invite, you must say in guild chat, "I do not wear baby blue armor" ....otherwise you will be required to wear baby blue armor for your entire app as proof you failed to read instructions.


The goal of Machin Shin is to consistently be at the top of the game and have fun while doing it. It is not our goal to fine the piss out of everyone. Perform consistently and MS will continue to smoke the competition.

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